Credit Report

A credit report is a data report collated by a credit bureau showing detailed information on a person’s credit behavior.

It must be emphasized that these reports are data-driven and does not make any conclusions about what type of borrower a credit report belongs to.

It just publish facts about borrowing and repaying history.

Using that data, other agencies and lenders will then run their equations and numbers to determine the creditworthiness of the said individual, usually with the credit score.

The credit report consist of information including:

  • Personal identification information like name and social security number
  • Current and past residential addresses
  • Current and past credit facilities and loans taken from lenders
  • Credit cards with each card issuer
  • Usage and repayment behavior on those accounts during most recent months
  • In the event of overdue, the amount overdue
  • Public records of bad debts, liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, garnishments
  • Hard inquiries

Other than lenders, insurers and landlords are also known to request for credit reports to assess an individual’s character when it comes to money management.