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Polylastic Will Bring Digital Asset Index Products Onchain

When I made my first ever trade in the financial markets in 2003, I remember feeling that the day when I hold a substantial amount of index funds like the S&P500 or DOW would be the day I can say to myself that I have made it.

Back in those days, each trade was tagged with huge transaction fees. And you need to be able to constantly keep track of them unless you are a big trader with a lot of funds to burn.

Which is why buying and holding is the smarter way to play, especially when you have read just 1 book on Warren Buffett. read more

Clearpool Is The Defi Protocol That Traditional Lenders Fear

Clearpool protocol is a decentralized financial infrastructure that enables individuals to take part in borrowing and lending at rates that would seem impossible a few year ago.

When the concept of decentralized finance took it’s turn in the limelight, many people were still unable to grasp what exactly was DEFI.

The world has been operating under a centralized financial system for as long as anyone can remember. So deeply entrenched were we in this system that the structure of Defi itself can really resemble a scam. read more